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1962 J. J. VOWINCKEL GMBH was the first company to start the production of polyoleofine filter elements for the application in the filtration field. Even today filter plates manufactured at that time are still in operation.

1982 JVK took over production equipment, installations and know how for manufacturing of filter elements from Vowinckel GmbH.

1989 JVK acquired competitor HANSEN BTR. Membrane chamber plates with exchangeable rubber membranes completed the JVK product line.

In 1992 JVK expanded the production capacity by taking over the production facilities for filter plates from a filter press manufacturer.

JVK is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative filter elements made from thermoplastic and other materials, which are successfully used worldwide.

JVK offers since more than 45 years high technical standard and know how, continous innovations and long experience in the field of the solid-liquid separation, as well as engineering and processing to manufacture filter elements.



JVK is one of the biggest private enterprises manufacturing thermoplastic
filter elements.
JVK filter elements are successfully used in the industries in almost every country of the world.

The excellent and international reputation of the enterprise and
the special operational efficiency are based on:
  • exceptional high quality standard of the products
  • modern production techniques
  • know how regarding processing and filtration technology
  • comprehensive consultation
  • fast solution of any filtration problems
  • optimisation of filtration processes
  • production flexibility covering any request of our customers
The world-wide activities of JVK are supported by presentations of
the products on the occasion of international fairs and seminars.


staff around 170
ground total around 32.000 qm
office & workshop around 10.000 qm
filter plate
since 1962 more than 3
millions filter elements
successful in operation




Compression Moulding
The moulding of thermoplastic raw materials to filter plates is done on different installations:
  • for standard filter plates by sintering procedure on
    multiple-story presses
  • for products with different thickness on special designed
    presses in the size 500x500 up to 3000x3000 mm
  • plates moulded in one piece up to 1 to are manufactured
    on these installations without problems.

    The heat energy being necessary for moulding the products
    is generated by using latest technology.

Pfeil production

Mechanical Production
In addition to the usual machines being needed to drill, surface finish and weld filter elements the final production facility is equipped with CNC routers to be able to treat sizes up to 2400x2400 mm. Should an adaptation to existing, moulded standard elements be impossible any required design can be milled without problems according to the requirements of the client.

Pfeil CNC
milling machine

JVK workshops are able to manufacture in short time moulds for the presses. Therefore special customer requirements can be realised in a most individual and economic way. Three shifts are producing day and night, providing continous production.

Laboratory / Quality Control
Continuous quality controls are executed with the usual controlling machines and special developed equipment. The produced elements are controlled according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

To achieve the flexibility and promptness with regard to enquires and orders a CAD System had been installed in 1986 for order handling and the developments of new products.
Any special design required by our customers can be complied with.

Rely on JVK – The Experts in Filtration