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JVK Products



JVK Filter Elements have been well proved in all industrial processes since 1962. From that time the development in the filtration technology on the field of solid-liquid-separation has been highly influenced by JVK's new ideas and constructions.

JVK is offering long-term experience on the development, production and application of filter elements.

JVK filter elements are successfully used world-wide due to the high quality standard and the continuous developments.

The specialities of JVK, however, are filter elements being installed within:

  • filter presses
  • pressure filters
  • vacuum tank filters
  • vacuum rotary filters
  • electrolysis
  • micro filtration
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The effectiveness of a filter apparatus depends on the construction and the material of the filter medium support tray. Some common materials are wood, aluminium, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel and material compounds out of steel and rubber. These elements are showing a lot of disadvantages as for example low chemical and corrosion resistance, high weight , unfavourable drainage, considerable abrasion, limited working life, fluid absorbency and bad sealing.

quadratWooden Plate - Polypropylene Plate

In 1962 JVK's former company, Messrs. JOH.JAC.VOWINCKEL was the first to start the production of polyolefin filter elements in the filtration field of application. Even today filter plates manufactured at that time are still in operation.

During the 60ties the development of technical thermoplastic materials lead to the first exchange of the wooden filter elements. Polypropylene turned out to be the best material due to it's most favourable price-power-performance and its interesting combination of excellent properties.

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Highest Chemical Resistance
excludes corrosion or damage of the material and grants a long working life

Improved Product Quality

due to a very good drainage and effective cake washing essentially due to
the water resistant, non absorbent surface

Excellent Sealing
of chambers avoids losses in product, odorous annoyance as well as unhealthy gas leakage, keeping the plant clean

Less Cloth Stress
means longer working life of filter cloth >

Heat Insulation
reduces dissipation of heat towards outside and saves energy

Less Weight
makes handling of the filter elements easier

Recycling Ability
of older plate designs to a new version with an adequate additional stabilisation of the used material

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JVK produces each kind of filter element for filtration equipment in accordance with DIN standards or as special designs to meet all the requirements of each customer. This production is done with the most modern technical ICM process developed by JVK.

The ICM Process, developed by JVK, allows to fill the mould computer controlled with premelted homogeneous thermoplastic materials.
All JVK plates are moulded in one piece without any inserted PP parts or joints. Therefore JVK products are most resistant against unbalanced pressure in the chambers during application.

This process creates products with:
  • reproducible controllable mould filling
  • a complete homogenous material structure
  • minimal thermal damage during processing
  • a surface without thermal decomposition
  • minimum internal tension due to uniform set up
  • best mechanical properties because of an extremely
    small crystallite structure
  • chemical resistance even at high temperatures
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