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Chamber Plates


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quadratLong Working Life
A long working life is achieved due to most modern production techniques as well as to an excellent chemical resistance of the used thermoplastic materials even under high temperature.

quadratHigh Product Quality
A quick drainage and an excellent washing of the cake result in a high product quality. The hydrophobic surface prevents resp. delays plugging of drainage channels.

quadratFast Filtration
The special design of chamber plates leads to shorter filtration cycles and an increase in capacity.

quadratSlight Cloth Strain
The smooth plastic surface reduces friction between filter cloth and plate surface.

quadratExcellent Sealing
The accurately machined surfaces of the filter plates in accordance to DIN 7129 together with the filter cloth ensures a very good sealing of the filter plate package. A sealing free of leakages is possible by the CGR-design

quadratGood Heat Insulation
Compared to filter plates made from metal there is almost no loss in energy even under high working temperature.

quadratEasy Cleaning
The inert hydrophobic surface of PP rejects dirt, absorbs less than 0,1% water and makes a quick product conversion possible.

quadratLow Weight
The low weight makes handling easy and shortens filtration cycles.

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The ICM process developed by JVK allows the production of homogeneous filter elements without insert parts in any required thickness. This procedure is representing the leading technology for the production of parts with low tension.

Taking into consideration possible high filtration pressures the transitions filter area to sealing rim and support bosses were designed by FEM (Finite Element Methode) to achieve the lowest possible tension. The dia. of the pips as well as the corresponding distances within filter area were optimized for a low cloth load.

The standard designs of the chamber filter plates can be used up to 15 bar filtration pressure and 90° C temperature. In case of very extreme working conditions, as high pressure over 15 bar and high temperature over 90° C , JVK is able to offer very special designs.


The JVK chamber filter plates are used for pressure filtration only.
In general steps are as follows:
  1. Filtration / feeding of filter press
  2. Washing / removal of liquids or salts from the cake
  3. Blowing / removal of cake from feed port and /
    or drying of cake.

quadratFilter Press Filtration
Filterpressen-Filtration Filterpressen-Filtration

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